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Bill O’Reilly: A Factor to be Reckoned with………as he Enjoys 50 Straight Quarters @ #1 in 2012.

BOImageimagesA Factor to be Reckoned with………as he Enjoys 50 Straight Quarters @ #1 in 2012.

I had the Great Opportunity to see Bill O’Reilly speak at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida
last week. Having been re-scheduled due to an uninvited guest by the name of Hurricane Sandy pushing
her way through, we anxiously awaited his now, Post Election Views & Commentary.
Though we were in a sizeable venue to accommodate the substantial turnout, it still felt like a Contemporary
version of a Fireside Chat – Sitting amongst friends, sharing a laugh, making fun of that one friend
who always seems to do something dumb and telling Personal Tales of Adventurous Travels from along the Campaign
Trail as the Primary Political Engine steamed ahead.
Once along for the Storytelling Ride, we made a brief stop at each Candidates background and platform. In his
Keenly Genuine, Casual Composure, O’Reilly poked a little Light-Hearted Fun in a Comical Manner at each Hopeful.
With a few Impressions sprinkled in, Cain & Perry were the crowd Favorites and Stand-Outs. He highlighted the Debacles
of each Participant that lead to their Self-Inflicted Derailment for the Quest of the Parties Nomination and Residency at
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
And then there were 2…….Newt & Mitt. Basically, it was like deciding if you prefer to travel in the Daytime or the
Nighttime; both methods will get you to your Destination, but with a completely different Perspective and Visual Terrain.
Heading home to the Final Stop on the Presidential Victory Route, he shared a Very Interesting behind the scenes
story of a bout with Overconfidence and with “having it in the bag” Attitude which reigned Victoriously Absolute for one &
Assumingly Misguided by the other and their Party.
He made us feel as though his Friends and Acquaintances ….were Ours as Well; or in the case of Joy Behar
and Whoopi Goldberg of The View – Not so Much!! And certainly don’t bring up building any Mosques
on the 9-11 Memorial Site. This Intellectually Entertaining and Politically Stimulating Evening wrapped up with a
Insightful Q & A. Of course the “Where do we go from Here Q came up – with Christie & Rubio being the obvious choices
to carry the weight of the Party on their Shoulders in Future Elections. When asked of his Party affiliation, he professed
to be neither a Democrat nor Republican, contrary to the wide speculation of his Exclusive Favoritism. I found this to be the
most Eloquent, in a Proverbial Nutshell Answer – he said he supports Traditional Values . I Agree.
As I explain it to my friends that ask….Why are you so into Politics, the Election is over?
I Believe its about being a part of the process, and emulating what it means to be an American. Simply put, you can have a
Yankees Fan & a Red Sox Fan and they will NEVER see eye-to-eye, but they both can appreciate the Essence and Sanctity of
the Game itself; Same holds true in Politics.
Though it seemed to end too soon – We appreciated his very realistic warnings that we must work together and get
Crucial objectives done in Washington; vital to the Stability of our Country. His simple notion that we can have an Impact
by Simply attending local government or school board meetings conveys his humble, personable give-back ideals to
Protect and Promote our Future as a people and a Global Power.
He will be a complimentary fit with his upcoming participation in the 13th Annual Florida Celebration of Reading
Hosted by Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday, Feb. 15th @ the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Bonita Springs, FL.
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