Kim Senecal

Most kids growing up had a traditional lemonade stand. I on the other hand started at an early age promoting my artwork. I would set-up an “Art Stand” in my family’s home and sell my original creations to my siblings for 10 and 25 cents to which they still refuse to give up the pieces.

Having grown up in the Woodstock, New York area, it influenced my perspective and essence that I’ve carried with and applied throughout my years. Being surrounded by such an array of fine local artisans along with access to the cultural wealth of NYC, I was able to experience the great museums, ballet & opera while growing up as a kid. Sometimes you would take it for granted, but more so it germinated & inspired the natural abilities within.

My creative talents were nurtured at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida, while mentoring under renowned professors in various fields. By participating in Flagler’s Study Abroad Program, I was able to live & travel throughout much of Italy absorbing the brilliant work of the Masters. This classical approach fostered a complete well rounded framework; the basis for my style. Upon return the fast pace qualitites of the Advertising & Marketing field caught my attention, this lead to both internships and a career in the North Florida Market. I continued to grow within the field as it was forever changed by the overwhelming influence of the computer. The visual graphics niche took off & I was certain to be a part of the cutting edge technology. I worked for 2 companies before finally opening my own graphics & sign company in the mid-nineties. The graphics company has not only defined who I am, but also emits my dedication to the art field; I believe this trade & craftsmanship is sacred & is to be handed down for the generations to enjoy. I have applied a unique cross section from my versatile background – Photography, Graphic Design, Visual Display, Advertising & Marketing and Fine Art to produce projects from concept to finished pieces. With the addition of my Gallery in the recent years, I have been able to get back to my photography aspirations and continue to develop new concepts for the medium.

Through my vibrant, energetic, unyielding optimistic approach, I try to convey my passion by the use of color and graphic elements in my work. This bold, larger than life style doesn’t try to overwhelm, but yet invites the viewer to fully take in the experience.

I believe in having an impact while you are here… leave a lasting impression with someone or to forever have changed them by inspiring their own creativity.

Credentials/Art Exhibits/Client Commissions:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Flagler College
  • Exhibits – Carrera Gallery, St. Augustine, FL, Naples City Hall, John Pike Award
  • Client Commissions – Molton Brown UK, Miami Dolphins, Boston Red Sox,
  • Military & Political Organizations


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Kim Senecal, 

Photographer, Graphic Artist


 1170 3RD STREET SOUTH    SUITE C-102     NAPLES, FL   34102