Gov. Rick Scott 2nd Term-Best of Times to be a Floridian

Florida-Politics-Rick Scott TALLAHASSEE, FL   2015.01.09- Florida Gov. Rick Scott was sworn in for his second term on Tuesday with other Republican leaders in attendance including Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Scott shared his vision of continued growth, opportunity, prosperity, improved quality of life, and positive change for Florida.

Scott spoke of delivering on previous and new promises related to Florida’s future to the end of his 2nd term as Florida’s Governor.

We believe Florida’s Republican chief executive will serve as Governor in the one of the most prosperous times in Florida history.  With very strong, economic, quality of life and population growth.

We believe Scott has tail winds that will make his promises seem as though they were low targets.

We all expect the Governor to lead with good purpose and passion. Scott no doubt will work hard to deliver on these expectations and he will be also benefit from very favorable winds or conditions in the Sunshine State.  We offer the following factors leading to Florida’s continued very optimistic future:

  • Florida’s impressive net population growth will continue-having overtaken New York as the nation’s third most populous state-with anticipated growth of 300,000 + per year
  • Businesses desire to be in Florida-The weather and economic climates are good and conducive to favorable environment for stability and growth in all well established and new sectors
  • US and International citizens wish to be in Florida for climate, 1,350 miles of coastline 800 of which are considered beaches, quality of life, and opportunity.  The weather in other parts of the US have reached unbearable conditions
  • Florida’s higher education system is outstanding and the overall education available very good and Florida remains committed to continual improvement
  • The Brains, creators, and decision makers are visiting and living and moving to Florida in greater numbers
  • Tourism in Florida will shatter all previous recorded data and experience very impressive growth-all sectors
  • Florida is the Gateway to South America, Central America, Caribbean Basin and the World
  • Florida has World recognition.   Miami  is often grouped in the mention of the Alpha Cities of the World-with Florida mentioned in connection with high-profile cities and countries
  • Significant wealth has and will continue to migrate to Florida
  • Technology industries, space exploration, Innovation and discovery will continue to grow substantially
  • Florida has very significant agricultural interests with continued growth and innovation
  • Workers’s, including highly skilled, are looking for opportunity in Florida and Florida has it and will have more to offer
  • The best and largest residential developers are here in Florida ready to build and meet the additional demand for residential housing and develop new state of the art communities

All the above can and will be accomplished with improved quality of life, commitments to water, the environment and infrastructure.

These are the best of times to be a Floridian or to become one.

We offer Florida will deliver, its people, high quality of life and favorable environment will make this Governor truthful to his word and all Floridians proud of our State,  its accomplishments and future in this great Country.

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