About Us

Florida-Politics.com is keenly focused on the distinctive landscape of politics in Florida, notably the upcoming Governor’s election and Florida’s key role in National Politics.  We offer the  latest news and insights about political activities composed of original content from its authors and contributors as well as updates from and reports from trusted news sources.

The Founders

Florida-Politics.com was founded by Tary Kettle and Kim Senecal.  They  are the primary authors of the site along with contributing authors from all Florida regions and major cities. They are actively involved in the Floridian political scene.

Why Florida Matters

florida sunshine stateThe state of Florida, with a population rapidly approaching 20,000,000, is the 3rd most populous of the US. It has 67 counties, 120 house districts, 40 senate districts and 27 congressional districts. It  has 11,330,015 registered voters.  Of these voters 4,101,296 are registered Republicans, 4,549,349 Democrats,  342,754 minor and 2,336,616 no party affiliation.

The State of Florida has 29 electoral votes at stake, a substantial number to impact and propel the next candidate to the Presidency. Only the states of California and Texas offer more electoral votes than Florida.

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