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Disheartened, Not Discouraged

This feels like the same political hangover that I felt 4 yrs. ago.

It took nearly 4 months of the grieving process to overcome the feeling that

the process had failed me, before I could even begin to listen to Rush again.

I know it will be different this time – I feel even deeper convictions and resolve for my party’s

platforms and direction and will spring back quickly to emulate those core values & beliefs.


I don’t believe there should be any finger pointing, blame game or fault determined why the

GOP Team lost. Nor ask, what more could we have done? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lead an

incredibly energized, motivating, inspiring and competitive campaign filled with solutions and

substance. I commend them for their efforts to convey and campaign on the issues that are

important to me as well.

As a Floridian, I also want to say thank you for making a concentrated effort and focusing your

resources and attention on our Great State – you made us feel appreciated and respected for the

value of what  29 electoral votes carry; we are just sorry that we were not able to help the team’s

cause by carrying the state for you – we have more work to do!

This means you Broward and Dade County.


To my Latino friends – I’m not your mama’, but, please, please, please – heed the warning……

“You are not being as well represented as you think you are!”. Please don’t allow yourself to

become merely a % on a campaign advisors ethnic pie chart, you represent a growing voter

segment that hasn’t realized it’s full potential yet. The Campaign courtship and attention will shortly

fade away and you will be left with the raw family values, unwavering work ethics, strong religious

beliefs and American Dream aspirations that personify who you are – it’s then when you realize that

you are also the face of what our party stands for.


To my fellow small business owners – who built it, run it, take risks every day, grow and expand;

we now know were not being taken for granted – there is just a complete lack of respect

for what we bring to the table. We know that we will continue to sign the front of the checks,

not the back of the checks – so let’s continue to quietly go about our business and do what we do

best – achieve the American Dream and advance our efforts – we will be a determining force to be

reckoned with.


What can we learn from this? Let’s learn what not to do……do not give in to social peer pressure

and popular media by “dumbing down” for Americans by appearing on every reality/entertainment

show. Educated Americans demand better than that! In regard to one of the recent campaign ad’s

that reflected on character; “Character is what we do when we think no one is looking”

– Well, I would like to follow-up with my favorite quote regarding this topic

– “A man’s character is his destiny”. Thank you Team Romney-Ryan for restoring the respect,

professionalism and ultimately the class back to the magnitude of the position.

Rally Girl



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