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  • Trump Wins Florida says projects and declares Donald Trump as the landslide winner of the Florida GOP primary. The basis for our declaration is, the math, his appeal, generation of new party voters, and phenomenal momentum. Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to deliver on the number one interest of voters in the Sunshine State Jobs Jobs […]

  • Gov. Rick Scott 2nd Term-Best of Times to be a Floridian

     TALLAHASSEE, FL   2015.01.09- Florida Gov. Rick Scott was sworn in for his second term on Tuesday with other Republican leaders in attendance including Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Scott shared his vision of continued growth, opportunity, prosperity, improved quality of life, and positive change for Florida. Scott spoke of delivering […]

  • Florida-Politics Says Vote! History Tells Us So

      The populace by way of vote or similar influence can set or change the powers that be-providing for incredible life improvement or changes for millions. The varying personalities and backgrounds of leaders have led to greatness and demise.  The choice of leadership or politicians in Florida is critical to the future of our State and […]

  • Florida’s Political Vortex

    With the Majority of the Country “Bundling-Up” to contend with yet another “Polar Vortex”, Florida prepares for a type of Vortex all their own……a Political Vortex!! As the Campaign Pre-Season starts to Fire-Up, so too does the Barometric Pressure begin to Rise on Brewing Election Storms of Potential Cataclysmic Proportions. National Media Agencies are beginning […]

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has selected Carlos Lopez-Cantera as the new Lieutenant Governor-Florida-Politics

    Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has selected Carlos Lopez-Cantera as the new Lieutenant Governor. Lopez-Cantera, 40, will be the state’s first Hispanic lieutenant governor and the first person from Miami-Dade to hold the position since it was re-established by voters over 45 years ago. He replaces Jennifer Carroll, who resigned last March. Lopez-Cantera, a former […]

  • Gov. Scott: Naples-Marco Island Metro Area had fastest annual job growth rate in October, Unemployment Drops to 6.4 Percent

     As published on Governor Rick Scott website the Naples-Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) had the fastest annual job growth rate in October 2013 with 8,800 new jobs. The Naples MSA’s unemployment rate declined by 2.1 percentage points over the year,from 8.5 percent in October 2012 to 6.4 percent in October 2013. Governor Scott said, […]

  • Political Lions and Tigers and Bears……Oh My!!

      Sequesters, Debt-Ceilings, Obama care and Shut-Downs……….Oh My!! It Appears America’s Road to Recovery is still “Under Construction” or Obstruction, Plagued by the DC Potholes and Good Ol’ Florida Size Sink Holes at times Engulfing the Elected Officials, Media and Citizens the Like. The Only Forward Motion we can Hope for would be found on a Monday […]

  • Governor Rick Scott: Florida to Host 2017 World Rowing Championships

    Image and content obtained from The Office of the Governor-Rick Scott- Governor Rick Scott made the following statement regarding news that Sarasota and Manatee counties will host the World Rowing Championships in 2017: Governor Scott said, “It is great news to hear that the Sunshine State was selected to host the World Rowing Championships in […]

  • Florida could be feeling Gas Relief……No, at the pumps!

    Washington usually known for its Hot Air and Speed Bump Tactics to impede Legislation may have to take a Pit Stop or be Side-Lined all together as……“The Movement for Freedom at the pump just got a Full Tank of Gas” as State Representative Matt Gaetz R-Fort Walton Beach stated. As we Embark on our Summer […]

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott exercises his Veto power on the Alimony Bill and signed Campaign and Ethics bills as Florida Legislative session comes to a close

    Florida Governor Rick Scott has acted on several bills as the close of the Florida legislative session is imminent.  Scott exercised his veto power on the “Alimony Bill” on Wednesday, May 1.  Scott vetoed the alimony bill that would have ended permanent alimony in divorce cases. Scott indicated he vetoed the bill as it could […]