Trump Wins Florida says

Donald Trump Wins Florida
Donald Trump Florida Win projects and declares Donald Trump as the landslide winner of the Florida GOP primary. The basis for our declaration is, the math, his appeal, generation of new party voters, and phenomenal momentum. Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to deliver on the number one interest of voters in the Sunshine State Jobs Jobs Jobs. Listening to the internationally televised interview on CNBC of Rick Scott, Florida Governor, it was very clear, essentially a Rick Scott- Trump endorsement, Florida’s number one driver for greatness has and is employment growth.

Rick Scott repeated himself in the interview many times-“Jobs Jobs Jobs”. USA’s greatness was built on creation of jobs, building buildings, communities, products and services. Sifting through the candidates in the quagmire of mudslinging the clear job creator, with the most experience, is Donald Trump. Jobs create prosperity and are critical to one being relevant in society. With the rise in the number of voter’s participating in the GOP it’s evident the voters are locked on to someone they believe provides the best path to being plugged into the productive society.
In our great state of Florida, the third most populous in the Nation, the candidate with the most votes-Wins! Ben Carson endorsed, Trump, will win Florida, inspite of the naysayers, with a clear path to the White House.

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