Florida’s Political Vortex


With the Majority of the Country “Bundling-Up” to contend with yet another “Polar Vortex”, Florida prepares for a type of Vortex all their own……a Political Vortex!!

As the Campaign Pre-Season starts to Fire-Up, so too does the Barometric Pressure begin to Rise on Brewing Election Storms of Potential Cataclysmic Proportions. National Media Agencies are beginning to Predict & Focus Attention on the Anticipated Macroburst of Population Converging on the Great Sunshine State.

Early Projections had our Growth Leap-Frogging the Population of the State of New York (the 3rd Largest Populated State just under 19.6 Million as of last year’s Census Estimates in the US). Now, with the Numbers riding the Flow of the Jet Stream, these Fast-Tracking Results appear to Surpass Earlier Estimates with Impact now Charted for Mid 2014.

Ok, How does this Population Boom Effect Florida Politics and our State’s Political Climate??

As any South Florida Business Owner during Season can Attest, our Tourism is Comprised of two Geo Regions – the        North East  – which is Stereotypically, Pre-Dominantly, Historically Blue – Democratic Party Supporters. While the Volume is Balanced out by Visitors and Seasonal Residents Trekking down from the Mid-West and Surrounding Heartland States – Producing a Red Zone of GOP Strength on the Voting Charts.

Thoughts of another mounting Storm, also have many Migrating much Quicker, even before their AARP Card has time to Season. Pending which Corridor the New Residents plot their “Evacuation Route” from, to our Pristine Sandy Beaches and Tropical Paradise, will determine which Color the State gets painted on the next CNN Election Floor Map – Red or Blue??

South Floridians on both Coasts are “Hunkering down” to Ready for this Tremendous Economic Wave to be Felt Especially in Small Business, Construction, Real Estate Markets  and Education Sectors.

Also, How will this Increase Impact our House of Representatives and Electoral College??

The Impending Squall Lines of New Residents may Test the Resilience of the Highly-Scrutinized Re-Districting of the State; Sited for Geographically, and Politically “Favoritizing” One Particular Party over another. For other Key States of Size and Importance – Heed the Warnings, as Tim Russert’s famous Election Cries Resound: Florida-Florida-Florida!!!!

And you Thought we were a Pivotal Swing State before??…….Could be a Colossal Understatement.

When Florida tested the Tepid Waters of Moving Up their Primaries they were Scolded by the Long “Established” Matriarchal New England States. They may not be able to Fend off the Prevailing Changes of both Influences of New Tech and All of its Far Reaching Medias, Combined with the Stature of Strength in Numbers that Florida will bring to the Table this Go-Around.

Florida may be Propelled to be the “New Face” that represents the American Melting Pot of the Political Scene.

Ck out these Great Sites for Interactive American Migration Maps and Electoral Maps:

http://www.forbes.com/special-report/2011/migration.html      -updated Feb. 24, 2014                                       www.270towin.com

How do you Think Our Great State will be Effected??   #PoliticalVortex

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